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Summary features the most advanced matchmaking process of any dating service.

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Bottom Line features the most advanced matchmaking process of any dating service. Visit the official website for more information. Reviews

by on at 11:42 PM CST
I'm currently on Chemistry after leaving eHarmony (which I recommend to never go to) and I have really mixed feelings about it. I have been on this site for 4 months and I do not think I will continue because of this site's poor business practices. In the 4 months I was on, I was matched/interested to only one other person who was subscribed and could respond back. Unfortunately, it didn't go anywhere. The rest of the matches just sat in my connected catagory until I realized that they were not subscribed and could not respond. This site has much potential and would be the perfect site if they would loosen some restrictions/barriers.

The pro of this site is that the matching system is superb. I feel that most of the matches I received were really good, unlike eHarmony who cannot grasp the concept of matching period. This site also even has a "You might also like" section for matches that were really close. I felt like this site really was able to describe me perfectly and it has a lot of great features. I also felt that it could have matched me if it weren't for really poor business practices.

The negative of this site is that it has poor business practices. I get that they want to make money, but they don't have to go to the lengths they do in where I don't feel I am getting my moneys worth. I'll say 20-30% of people on actually pay for this site meaning 70-80% of the matches you receive don't. When you, the paying customer, show interest to a non-paying person, they cannot even view your profile and picture until they subscribe. Personally, if I cannot even see the profile of the person and their picture, 50 dollars is a huge gamble I would not be willing to take. They should allow a non-paying person you show interest in to at least view your profile and picture and at least tell you if they are interested or not, but they would have to pay to go beyond that. If they did this, the site would be absolutely perfect and I would feel that I was getting what I was paying for. I would also think this would increase their business.
by on at 10:32 PM CDT
Well, first of all, I need to thank them for matching me with my partner. We'd been eyeing each other for weeks on the and yahoo sites but thought 'oh no, he's too this, she's too that' and neither of us made a first move although we'd each dated other people from other sites. Each of us signed up with chemistry when they were just getting started and we went through the testing and match process. We were matched within a few weeks. The screening questions helped me identify some traits and learn about those of potential matches in ways other sites did not; the eharmony experience, by the way, was beyond ridiculous and unresponsive and went so far as to challenge me on my own preferences. Stupid.

The guided communication process with was substantial. We went through that process rather quickly, then communicated privately a few weeks before we met, getting to know each other and further testing our compatibilities I'd had enough coffee dates to last me a life-time. When we met in person it was more of a confirmation than an introduction. We've been together nearly two years and couldn't be happier.
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